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"To Understand The Concept Of Techiyas Hameisim, The Resurrection Of The Dead"

"All Israel Have A Share In The World To Come"

To Live And Live Again
An Overview of Techiyas Hameisim
Based On The Classical Sources And On The Teachings Of Chabad Chassidism

Chapter 8
Who Will Rise First?

by Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov
edited by Uri Kaploun

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  Where Will The Resurrection Take Place?In What Manner Will The Resurrection Take Place?  

"Your dead shall come alive."[239]


The Resurrection will take place in stages. According to tradition,[240] those buried in Israel will be resurrected before those buried outside Israel.[241] They will be followed by the generation who died in the wilderness.[242] Last of all will be the Patriarchs:[243] when they finally rise, their joy at encountering all their righteous descendants will be boundless.[244] The intervals between the various stages remain uncertain.[245]


The righteous will rise before others,[246] and masters of Torah learning will rise before those who excel in the observance of mitzvos.[247] According to one tradition, the dead will be summoned by name in alphabetical order, except that precedence will be given to those who lived their lives in humility.[248]

What of those who will be alive at the time of the Resurrection? Will they live through it, or will they too momentarily die and be immediately resurrected?[249] In support of the latter view, it has been argued that since at that time G-d will remove the worldly impurity that precipitates death, the bodies of those who are then alive will be reconstructed to live forever - and this necessitates a momentary death.[250]

In brief, the answer to this question, too, will have to await the event.



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    At any rate, both opinions expressed in the Zohar hold that the generation of the wilderness has a share in the World to Come; i.e., they will be resurrected. This is in keeping with the opinion of R. Eliezer, as against the view of R. Akiva (see Sanhedrin 110b, and Tosafos on Bava Basra 73b). The Rebbe explains this debate in Likkutei Sichos, Vol. XVIII, p. 248.

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  Where Will The Resurrection Take Place?In What Manner Will The Resurrection Take Place?  
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