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The Second Ladder Up
Secret Steps to a Happy Jewish Marriage


R. L. Kremnizer

Published and copyright © by Sichos In English
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Published and Copyrighted by
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ISBN 1-8814-0088-3

5767 2006

This book is for my mother whose soul has now re-joined my father in Gan Eden.

The book is dedicated to the Rebbe who, together with my wife, have taught me almost everything worthwhile that I know.

The simple secret to happy marriage is to be married to my wife.

She typifies all of the aspects written about in this book through apparently effortless commonsense, gliding smoothly over the stepping stones of daily life. This always with cheerful good humor and optimism coupled with a total grasp of the important and a total disdain for the trivial.

For everyone else not so married to my wife, this book is written.

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