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I Will Write It In Their Hearts - Volume 1
Letters from the Lubavitcher Rebbe

A letter to Jewish chaplains

Translated by: Rabbi Eli Touger

Published and copyright © by Sichos In English
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  A letter of encouragement to Jewish soldiersTable of contentsThe importance of Chai Elul  

No. 124

The following letter was prepared to be translated and sent to all the Jewish chaplains serving in the armed forces.
[The winter of 5704]
Greetings and blessings,

Certainly, you have received all of the printed matter that we have sent you in the past. We trust that they have a considerable effect in particular in strengthening the spirit of the Torah and Jewish involvement among the soldiers, and in general, in encouraging them and strengthening their confidence and trust.

It is self-evident that we are prepared at all times to help you in the above to the fullest extent of our capacity. Surely, you will inform us if the opportunity for this arises.

The holy mission with which you have been charged - to be a spiritual leader and to show a path of conduct to the soldiers under your influence [involves]: encouraging them that they should be strong in their confidence that [they will achieve] complete victory and that they should not fear the enemy, and encouraging them to be strong in their faith and to endeavor with all their strength to observe the Torah and its mitzvos to their fullest capacity. For G-d, the L-rd of Hosts, is found in their midst, watches over them at all times, and considers all of their deeds. "And [so], your camp shall be holy."

As it is written in the Torah (Devarim 23:10-15):

When your camp goes out against your enemy, you should protect yourself against any evil matters, because G-d, your L-rd, goes in the midst of your camp to save you, and to subdue your enemies before you. And [so], your camp should be holy.

And it is stated [there] (ibid.: 20:2-4):

When you approach the war, the priest will come forth and speak to the people and tell them: "Hear O Israel, today, you are approaching war against your enemies. Let your hearts not become soft. Do not panic or become afraid because of them, because G-d, your L-rd goes with you, to fight your enemies on your behalf, to save you."

We strongly hope that you are persevering in this mission to your fullest capacity. In such instance, without a doubt, you will see the fruit of your labor, for the heart of a Jew is always awake. All that is necessary is that there be someone who arouses him with regard to his faith and who reminds him to observe the mitzvos as they are prescribed by the Torah.

From the depths of our hearts, we wish you great success in fulfilling this mission.

With blessings for a total victory in the near future and for the complete Redemption of the entire Jewish people, led by Mashiach.

  A letter of encouragement to Jewish soldiersTable of contentsThe importance of Chai Elul  

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