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I Will Write It In Their Hearts - Volume 1
Letters from the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The importance of helping disseminate the publications of Kehot

Translated by: Rabbi Eli Touger

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  The mystic intent of the use of willows on Hoshanah RabbahTable of contentsThe need for an agent to inform the principal of his activities  

No. 110

This letter is addressed to a distinguished Rabbi whose name was not published together with the letter.
Wednesday, 12 Cheshvan, [5704]

Greetings and blessings,

Our conversation at the time you received a farewell blessing [from my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe shlita,] strengthens my hope that when you return to your city with renewed energy stemming from the spiritual life-force of Tishrei in general, and in particular from "the season of our rejoicing" when you benefited from the words of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe shlita, you will approach your mission, a holy task, when in a good and auspicious hour, the new term of study begins.

Even though I am very aware of how busy you are with the educational institute which you direct, nevertheless, based on our conversation here, I am certain that you will devote some of your time and attention to our efforts in general. In particular, [we would appreciate] making the text Sifreinu known in those circles which are connected to and which influence [Jewish] education, [increasing the circulation of] the Shmuesen, and [arranging] an article in [the local] newspapers and the like. Certainly, it is not necessary to give you directions with regard to the manner of activities and promotions [possible]. [Let it suffice to say that] we hope to hear good news from you concerning these activities.

Since it is impossible to postpone the printing of the students' calendar any longer,[1] we are sending it for publication before finding a patron. If you would be able to do something in this regard, you would receive great merit for [making possible] the friendly influence the calendar has on the spirit of the youth, as evident from our experience last year.

The verses and statements of our Sages which I included in this calendar are different from those of the previous year (with the exception of the laws and customs of the festivals and the like. These were also included in the calendar which is in the process of being printed,) using the same format as that of last year.

Commenting on [a verse from] this week's Torah reading,[2] our Sages said (Bereishis Rabbah, the conclusion of ch. 53): "When a staff is thrown into the air, it will land on its root." This means (the interpretation to follow is offered by the MaharZav in his commentary to Bereishis Rabbah 20:23; the other interpretations require explanation) that it falls on the thick portion near the root. This provides us with two insights:

  1. even though the staff is now dry, for it is a long time since it has been cut from its source, it is still possible to awaken within it [the power of] its source and root,

  2. the staff needs assistance in this. This assistance is rendered by disturbing it, [removing it from its state of] rest, lifting it up from the earth, and throwing it in the air.

Every person according to his capacity and particularly those whom G-d endowed with teaching skills should occupy themselves and endeavor to render such assistance.

With good wishes to all those who seek our welfare and with the blessing, "Immediately to teshuvah, immediately to Redemption,"

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson
Chairman of the Executive Committee



  1. (Back to text) [This refers to an English publication, similar in form to HaYom Yom, which was prepared for children in the years 5703 and again in 5704, under the editorial direction of the Rebbe.]

  2. (Back to text) [Bereishis 21:21. The Midrash points to Hagar's choice of a wife for Yishmael from the land of Egypt as an expression of this principle.]

  The mystic intent of the use of willows on Hoshanah RabbahTable of contentsThe need for an agent to inform the principal of his activities  

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