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From the Second Sichah of Shabbos Parshas Bo, 5751 (1991)

From the Third Sichah of Shabbos Parshas Bo, 5751 (1991)

The Counsel of G-d that He has Given concerning Babylon
The Iraqi News of 5763 (2003)
in a Sichah of 5751 (1991)

From the Second Sichah of Shabbos Parshas Bo, 5751 (1991)

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  ForewardFrom the Third Sichah of Shabbos Parshas Bo, 5751 (1991)  

Babylon is the antithesis of Jerusalem. This explains the events that transpired most recently. Babylon attempted to harm Jerusalem ("May this evil not be repeated!"), but did not succeed. On the contrary, may the victories proceed one after another until the truest and most meaningful victory, the coming of the Future Redemption.

At the very beginning of the war, the royal palace was destroyed. Not only did the ruination and devastation reach its innermost chambers, but the kings stability and power were annihilated and he lost contact with his troops. All signs of permanence and communication were disrupted. Those who were left there were dispatched elsewhere, for fear of their lives.

He himself is not established in one location. He is wandering from place to place. And even in whatever place he is immediately located, he is agitated and not at rest. He is not there by choice, but only because he realizes that his survival depends on his being there, [although] he realizes that the situation is far from good for him. He was told that there was no option but to be in such and such a place. He sent the members of his household to faraway places. All this is plain to see.

It is clear, then, that there is no reality to his existence. (One lesson that emerges from this is that people should not be made to fear.) He must be lent [from Above] an appearance of real existence, in order that protection against him should be won by natural means. In truth, however, his existence has no palpable reality, as witness the uprooting of the royal palace.

The Babylonians themselves admit this and it has all been publicized - though there are things that they are hiding, such as all the destruction and damage that has been wrought. Nevertheless, the matter has been publicized in a far-reaching manner. Not all of this can be seen, but word of it has reached a number of individuals and they are making it all public.

Above all, this episode provides us with a lesson in our service of G-d.

Moreover - and this is also of fundamental importance - the fulfillment of the prophecy has begun: "There will be a slaughter for G-d in Batzra." There has been a conquest and a victory, and may there yet be a true and complete victory - the true and complete Redemption. [The present victory is especially evidenced by the fact that] what has been destroyed is not only the capital city, but the capital of the capital city, namely, the kings palace. The Sages teach that "kingship on earth resembles Kingship in Heaven." It is thus significant that the destruction overtook the royal palace, and that the palace is situated in Babylonia, particularly in Batzra (Basra), as history records.

The fact that knowledge of the above has reached every Jew indicates that it conveys a lesson applicable to everyones Divine service. Firstly, it should increase ones bitachon, ones sense of trust and security, for bitachon is a path in Divine service. This applies particularly to the Jews living in Eretz Yisrael, "the land which the L-rd, your G-d, seeks out; the eyes of the L-rd, your G-d, are constantly focused upon it," in every place and at all times, even during the era of exile and even in the darkness of exile. Despite the redoubled darkness of which we read this week, "all the Children of Israel [will have] light in their dwellings," with peace of mind and physical well-being. The dwellings of the Jewish people in exile will be in Goshen, the choicest part of the land of Egypt [...].

Most importantly: May all of the above lead, not to intricate and scholarly interpretations, but, plainly and simply, to the true and ultimate Redemption. At that time Eretz Yisrael will be in a state of fullness. It goes without saying that there will be fullness in a spiritual sense; this is even implied by the very name Jerusalem, which comprises the roots of the words Shlaymus Hayirah, signifying a complete fear of G-d. The new development, however, is that there will also be fullness in a physical sense, without worry, without battles or difficulties. [...]

Moreover, [the destruction of Babylonia] will lead to fullness in the realm of holiness. As our Sages declared, "If this one (Jerusalem) is full, this one (Caesarea) is empty." Correspondingly, "Tyre received fullness only because of the destruction of Jerusalem." It thus follows that the destruction of Tyre [and its like] leads to the fullness of Jerusalem. [...]

  ForewardFrom the Third Sichah of Shabbos Parshas Bo, 5751 (1991)  
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