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Publisher's Foreword

The Significance of a Bar Mitzvah

Preparations for the Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah Customs


The Maamar

Sichos Kodesh

Reshimos of Bar Mitzvah

Letters From The Rebbe

The Bar Mitzvah of the Rebbeim


Yalkut Bar Mitzvah
An Anthology of Laws and Customs of a Bar Mitzvah in the Chabad Tradition

Publisher's Foreword

by Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov

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 The Significance of a Bar Mitzvah  

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The time of Bar Mitzvah is one of the most richly celebrated passages in a lifetime. Little wonder, then, that in the works of the Rebbeim of Chabad there is a considerable repository of teachings and customs relating to it.

As the big day looms up on the calendar, Yalkut Bar Mitzvah will quietly guide every bar mitzvah boy and his parents in their preparations. It includes a summary of the laws concerning tefillin; talks and writings of the Rebbeim; and descriptions of their own Bar Mitzvah celebrations. (All these items, by the way, add up to a goldmine of speech material.)

A particularly welcome feature is the translation of the discourse which Lubavitcher Bar Mitzvah boys traditionally recite - the maamar that begins with the words, Issa B'Midrash Tehillim. In order to make this discourse accessible and meaningful, the present English edition furnishes it with explanatory notes. In this way and in others, this anthology will light up every Bar Mitzvah celebration with the warmth of Chassidus.

It is our fervent hope that as his great day arrives, every bar mitzvah boy in turn will accept the yoke of the mitzvos enthusiastically, by drinking thirstily of the wellsprings of Chassidus. For, as Mashiach told the Baal Shem Tov, it is these refreshing waters that will hasten the coming of Mashiach - now.

20 Menachem Av, 5759

 The Significance of a Bar Mitzvah  
     Sichos In English -> Books -> Halachah & Customs -> Yalkut Bar Mitzvah
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