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List Of The Lubavitcher Rebbeim

The Curtain Parted
Glimpsing The Week Ahead

List Of The Lubavitcher Rebbeim

by R. L. Kremnizer
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"The Alter Rebbe", Rabbi Shneur Zalman.

Born 5505 (1745). So great was his learning that at 13 he was accepted as equal to scholars of the previous generation. Definer of Chabad Chassidus. Author of the Cornerstone of Chabad Chassidus, the Tanya.

Passed away 5583 (1812).

"The Mitteler Rebbe" Rabbi Dovber.

Born 5534 (1773) son of the Alter Rebbe, author of an abundance of volumes of Chassidus, and founder of Chabad settlements.

Passed away 5588 (1827).

"The Tzemach Tzedek" Rabbi Menachem Mendel.

Born 5549 (1789) Grandson of the Alter Rebbe, prodigious genius, compiler of his grandfather's Torah as well as prolific expounder of Torah in his own right. Honored in Secular politics as well as leading Chabad. Author of much Chassidus.

Passed away 5626 (1866).

"The Rebbe Maharash" Rabbi Shmuel.

Born 5594 (1834). Successful in nullifying many decrees and pogroms against the Jews. Author of much Chassidus.

Passed Away 5643 (1882).

"The Rebbe Rashab" Rabbi Sholom Dovber.

Born 5621 (1860). Established Lubavitcher Yeshivahs, lobbied successfully for Jewish affairs and authored many of the most studied texts of Chassidus.

Passed away 5680 (1920) leaving one son.

"The Previous Rebbe" Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak.

Born 5640 (1880) moved permanently to N.Y. in 1940 moving much of modern observant Jewry to the USA. Sender of Emissaries spreading Chabad. Author of a wide scope of Chassidus from the most complex to that brought down to the most comprehensible levels as yet in history.

Passed away 5710 (1950).

"The Rebbe" Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Born 5662 (1902) seventh leader of Lubavitcher Chassidim. Torah genius, Scientist, Prophet, leader of and example to our generation.

Passed away 5754 (1994).

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