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Ascending Fortune

The Birthday of the World

The Birthday of a Nation

Pre-natal Nationhood

The Birth of Man

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Celebrations

   The Midrash relates

Birthday - Rebirth - Resolve

Anniversary of Physical and Spiritual Birth

Why Were You Born?

A Custom of Old - Renewed

Birthday Customs and Practices

Birthday Reflections & Celebrations
Birthday Customs & Practices

Birthday Celebrations
The Midrash relates
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  What is the celebration all about?Birthday - Rebirth - Resolve  

The Midrash relates:

Most people cherish the day on which they were born and make a party on that day. (Midrash Sechel Tov, Bereishis 40:20) [See also Ginze Yosef ch. 4; Ben Ish Chai Halachos, Year 1, Re'ey par. 17]

The Zohar relates that on the day of R. Elazar’s (Rashbi's son's) Bar Mitzvah Rashbi made a great celebration.

The Zohar further explains that the day of a Bar Mitzvah is analogous to the joyous day of a wedding (See Zohar Chadosh, Bereishis).

The Previous Rebbe revealed that on a birthday one should review his life history and seek ways to improve the areas that need improvement through Teshuvah.

[Just as the Exodus was a form of repentance so, too, every birthday must bring repentance.]

It is also customary to increase Tzedakah before Shacharis and Minchah, and likewise to study more Torah - revealed and esoteric - on one's birthday.

  What is the celebration all about?Birthday - Rebirth - Resolve  
     Sichos In English -> Books -> Halachah & Customs -> Birthday Reflections & Celebrations

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